This page features some miscellaneous routines for use with CL-HTTP.

Error message signature

The default CL-HTTP error message includes a link to the CL-HTTP home page in the footer. You can customise this to a link to your site with a routine such as the following:

(define cl-http-signature (&optional (stream *output-stream*))
  (with-emphasis (:address :stream stream)
    (note-anchor "Plasticki" :reference "http://www.plasticki.com/" :stream stream)))

Page not found redirect

The default behaviour for an illegal URL is to display a Not Found error message. The following routine can be used to catch this condition, and cause it to give a redirect to the site's home page:

(defmethod report-status-message ((condition document-not-found)
                                  stream &optional format-string format-args)
  (html4.0::with-html-document (:declare-dtd-version-p :transitional :stream stream)
    (with-document-preamble (:stream stream)
      (declare-title "Page Not Found" :stream stream)
      (declare-meta-info "0; url=http://www.plasticki.com/" :header :refresh :stream stream))
    (with-document-body (:stream stream)
      (write-string "Page Not Found - Redirecting to Home Page" stream))))

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